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Cablofil Snap-On J-hook offers time, cost savings in commercial applications

​​​​​​​New cabling solution from Legrand designed for temporary applications

​​​​​​​MASCOUTAH, Ill. — June 13, 2017 —  Legrand introduced the new easy-to-install Cablofil Snap-On CJxxCat40 series of J-hooks that are ideal for electrical contractors searching for a non-permanent cabling solution. Contractors looking to add an existing tray or create a temporary cabling system can simply hang the J-hook on the lowest side wire, rotate downward, and “snap” it on the tray. Because the J-hook snaps on to an existing cable management system, it significantly reduces installation time and overall project costs.

The Snap-On J-hook is designed for non-center-hung cable management systems in commercial spaces where changes need to be made quickly and at a low cost. Hospitals, sports venues, retail and office spaces often require substantial modifications on a frequent basis; the Snap-On J-hook allows contractors to make those cabling adjustments in an efficient way. It’s also ideal for special events where supplemental cabling must be temporarily installed and kept out of the way of event attendees.

“The Snap-On J-hooks are incredibly fast to install,” said Bob Crain, director of marketing and product development for the Cablofil product line at Legrand. “Well over 60 percent of cable management system installation costs come from the supports to put it up, so the fact that you’re just snapping it together significantly reduces installation overhead.”  

Reliable reinforcement

Many cabling solutions require additional supports like ceiling drop wire or support beams when creating a pathway. The Snap-On J-hook is designed to fit any 2-inch by 4-inch grid, which enables contractors to utilize the mechanical support from an existing cabling path without special attachments or additional hardware.

Most commercial building codes require cabling systems to be reinforced approximately every 5 feet. The Snap-On design from Legrand is simpler to install than other support solutions, allowing contractors to meet code requirements more efficiently. Because the Snap-On J-hook can easily be installed by one person, it offers labor savings in commercial projects with tight margins and deadlines.

Available in black, blue, green, orange, red, white and yellow with additional custom color options, the Snap-On J-hook can be customized to fit any commercial space. Legrand offers a full line of Cablofil cable tray solutions, including center-hung systems to support the needs of all contractors and project applications.

For more information about the Cablofil Snap-On CJxxCat40 series of J-hooks, visit Legrand.us/cablofil.




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